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Simple Pleasures of Life Summary

So my 30 day challenge has finished and I think it was rather successful! I believe it has reminded me of the small things that keep me happy. It’s also a good “slice of Jin’s life” from 2013.

Here’s a list of all 30 (click for a detailed explanation of each one)!

  1. Successfully flipping a pancake.
  2. Listening to George Michael’s “Faith” before starting a day at the hospital (singalong/dance optional).
  3. Seeing a mother hold her newborn baby for the first time.
  4. Hugging someone, or a pet, or a pillow. Maybe even falling asleep like that.
  5. Having some experimental fun in the kitchen.
  6. Re-reading comics you loved as a child, loving and appreciating them even more now. 
  7. Cracking open a cold beer after a looong day.
  8. Good Scotch and a good movie.
  9. Taking your socks off after a long and tiring day.
  10. Watching new episodes of your favourite shows and laughing so hard that all your worries and troubles melt away.
  11. Sleep.
  12. Air banding like crazy in your room because no one is watching.
  13. Cooking without a recipe.
  14. Taking time off to do something fun when you can’t afford to.
  15. Slipping into a warm, cozy bed while a thunderstorm rages outside.
  16. Being in flow state.
  17. Doing groceries.
  18. Surviving a tough rotation and getting good feedback at the end.
  19. Coffee.
  20. Sharing a brainwave with a friend.
  21. Love.
  22. Being proud of and propagating your cultural heritage.
  23. Happy coincidences.
  24. Drowning in a tsunami of nostalgia.
  25. Listening to music by your favourite artists.
  26. Laughing over even the silliest of things.
  27. Treating yo’self.
  28. Walking on sunshine.
  29. Doing absolutely nothing.
  30. Meeting people, hearing their stories, sharing a moment and leaving a positive mark on their lives.

Hope you got something out of it, like a simple pleasure you might not have noticed before, or just a peek into my life.  🙂


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