I’m a romanticist who loves brunch and coffee on a rainy day, trying to live every day as happily and contently as possible. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life!
I like to live by the philosophy of <1 + 1 = 3>.

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Also, since I use material from Bernard Werber’s original encyclopaedia so much, here is the proper reference:

Werber, Bernard. (1993). L’encyclopédie du savoir relatif et absolu. Paris: Albin Michel

For simplicity’s sake, instead of a proper APA reference, I’ll use “(from the Encyclopaedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge by Bernard Werber)“ whenever I have posted material directly from the book.

The header image, along with many other drawings on this blog, is a drawing by the amazing artist Puuung, who draws the loveliest pictures. Please see the original art and other works on her Grafolio or Facebook:

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