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The Two Faces Of A Baby

A baby appears to have a pure and innocent image, but they also have a side we don’t know about.


Firstly, babies (including infants) know how to lie and steal.
They fake crying to fool an adult, and put on an innocent face on purpose.
During times when they are strongly possessive, they grab what they want and not let go. An adult pities that the baby does not know better and gives it what it wants, but this is actually meticulously planned by the baby.

Furthermore, research has shown that babies show racism and judge people based on looks. Babies, in almost all cases, prefer to be held by the prettier woman. Also, they can perfectly recognise and differentiate faces yet cannot tell the differences in faces from another ethnicity.

Lastly, babies experience euphoria and pleasure through self-harm (banging their heads against a wall produces a similar effect to taking drugs) and can murder their twin inside the womb by (stealing nutrients).

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