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This scenario psychoanalyses how you prioritise your life and what you place the most importance in.

You are out camping, but end up lost in the woods. It has become dark but luckily you find an empty cabin. Under the dim light, you discover the cabin is equipped with a fireplace, a stove, a lamp and a candlestick. In your backpack you only have one match.

What would you light first?


Some may say the lamp or candle to get light first, or the fireplace to get heat first, or the stove to make food first, but the real test is whether you would light the match first, or stay cold and hungry in the dark without any fire.
Sometimes we forget the simplest things as we overthink and try to make sense of a complicated situation. However, all you need to do is calm down and think logically.

Do you have the right priorities in life?

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