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In The Beginning…

There was nothing.

In the beginning, nothing existed.
No light scattered the darkness,
No sound broke the silence.

Everywhere is filled with air.
It was a time when the first force, the force of neutrality, ruled.
But the air dreamt to be something more.

At that moment, a white egg appeared in the middle of the infinite universe.
It was a universe egg full of everything possible and all hope.
The egg began to crack.

The universe egg exploded.
It happened at 00:00:00, 00/00/00.
By the second force, the force of disassembling,
The shell that enclosed the egg of origin broke into 288 pieces.

Light and heat exploded out from the egg,
A giant dust storm spread into the darkness as glittery powder.

A universe was born.
Time began to flow, and as the molecules travelled farther,
They danced to the symphony of time.

(from God by Bernard Werber)

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