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Ganzfeld Effect

To experience this peculiar effect, you require a ping-pong ball cut in half, tape, radio, headphones and a lamp tinted with red light (use cellophane).

  1. Set the radio to an empty station so that only white noise is playing.
  2. Plug the headphones into the radio and wear it.
  3. Place each half of the ping-pong ball over your eyes and secure it with tape.
  4. Shine the red light towards your eyes.
  5. Relax on a couch or a bed for over half an hour.

What you will experience after about half an hour are powerful visual and auditory hallucinations, the result of your brain trying to fill the void created by sensory deprivation. As the brain is in constant need of stimuli, complete deprivation of the senses results in the brain becoming confused, trying to interpret what is not there. It has been reported that people see things such as horses flying through clouds or hearing the voice of dead relatives.

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