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36 – Death Explain This

What happens to us after we die? What is the weirdest, sex-related death in history? How is Death personified in different parts of the world? Explain This is back from Jin's long exam study hiatus and we're coming strong out of the gates with the deep, fascinating topic of how we die! Come learn about all of the fascinating things that happen in your body as death overcomes you, and how death has been envisioned throughout the ages.Trigger warning: mentions of suicide, violent death, decay of human bodies in this episode. Listen at your own discretion please!Dumb Ways To Die – original videoExample of Dancing Death (Danse Macabre)Example of Memento Mori 
  1. 36 – Death
  2. 35 – Growth Mindset
  3. 34 – Vital Organs
  4. 33 – Replication Crisis
  5. 32 – Caffeine
  6. 31 – Perspective in Art
  7. 30 – Burnout
  8. 29 – Blue Skies
  9. 28 – Prime Numbers
  10. 27 – Pain Relief

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