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Early Bird

According to a proverb, the early bird gets the worm. This means that people who wake up early to start working, grabbing opportunities as early as possible will ultimately be more successful than the lazy people waking up later. But is this necessarily true?

To wake up early and get enough sleep to function, an early bird must naturally sleep earlier than night owls. However, this also means that early birds are less likely than night owls to socialise late into the night, meeting and having fun with less people. Unfortunately, this is one of the best ways to make important connections with other people – some of whom may one day be your superior or looking to hire you. It has been statistically proven that personal connections are more important than actual skills and diligence, with up to 80% of promotions being based on connections rather than how well the person works.

According to a certain study, people who visited bars regularly earned 10-14% more than non-drinkers, with even social drinkers earning 7% more than those who preferred to call it an early night. So if you wish to be successful, sleep late, wake up later and go out and party.

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