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Boredom can strike anyone at any time. When you aren’t interested in what you are working on, or have nothing special to do, it comes knocking like an unwanted guest. When you are bored, you can’t be bothered doing anything, you can’t sit still and experience a strange phenomenon of time slowing down.

Everyone has a unique way of resolving boredom, usually tailored to one’s style. There are simple ways such as bouncing a ball off a wall, or you can pick up a guitar and sing a song.
However, there are times (such as in the middle of a lecture) where props like these are not available. In these situations, first check what you are carrying; with imagination, anything is possible.
If you are carrying a cellphone or an iPod, problem solved – but be careful not to get caught. If you have a book, read; if you have pen and paper, write (or draw). If you have absolutely nothing, fall back into your imagination and thoughts. You will find an endless supply of fun.

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