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Dragons are mythical animals that appear in many myths and legends. They are usually portrayed as gigantic reptiles, similar to snakes or lizards, and appear in stories from cultures around the world. Due to this, they can be split into two large groups: Eastern and Western Dragons, which have quite a few differences between them.

  • Western dragons look like dinosaurs or giant lizards, with a large body with bat-like wings and usually able to breathe fire.
    Eastern dragons are sleek like large serpents, with four legs and antlers and the ability to control weather (water-element based).
  • Eastern dragons are wise and benevolent creatures that help people, with omnipotent powers contained in yeouiju (dragon orb).
    Western dragons are violent and evil creatures that harm people, loot gold and jewellery and destroy villages.
  • Western dragons are the greatest enemy the hero has to kill, and is feared by the people.
    Eastern dragons are often teachers to heroes, giving them advice and help, while being worshipped by the people.

Like this the two kinds of dragons are mirror images regarding many characteristics, but the idea of a large reptile being conceived by so many cultures so far apart is quite strange. This leads many to believe that dragons are based on actual animals, and is likely the result of explorers finding dinosaur fossils, wondering what those animals would look like if they were alive.