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Eskimo Pie

In 1920, a candy store owner by the name of Christian Kent Nelson had a customer. The customer was a young boy who was torn between buying ice cream or chocolate, with only enough money to buy one. Nelson noticed this and decided there was only way to solve this conundrum.

He created a bar of ice cream coated by melted chocolate, which he called “I-Scream Bars”, now known as Eskimo Pies. It was an instant hit as children could buy both chocolate and ice cream for the same amount of money.

1 + 1 = 3

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Happiness is:

Finding a pencil that’s been chewed,
Telling the time, learning to whistle,
Tying your shoe, for the very first time,
Playing the drums, in your own school band.

Happiness is:

Two kinds of ice cream, pizza with sausage,
A warm blanket, a warm puppy,
Knowing a secret,
Walking hand in hand.

Happiness is:

Climbing a tree, five different crayons,
Catching a firefly, and setting him free,
Being alone every now and then,
Coming home again.

Happiness is:

Having a sister,
Sharing a sandwich, getting along,
Singing together when day is through,
Those who sing with you.

Happiness is:

Morning and Evening,
Daytime and nighttime,
Anyone, and anything at all,
That is loved by you.

~ Paraphrased from Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

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Brain Freeze

When you quickly eat or drink something cold, you experience a sudden onset of a painful headache. This is commonly known as brain freeze, or medically, a sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

Although the cause is not perfectly understood, it is believed to be due to the coldness on the palate (roof of mouth) causing a sudden cooling and rewarming of the sinus capillaries, which causes them to suddenly constrict and then rapidly dilate. Dilation of blood vessels in this area causes pain due to receptors in the vessels. This phenomenon is similar to the cause of a flushed face when exposed to cold wind, and why it sometimes causes headaches.

The only way to prevent a brain freeze is to slowly let the mouth get used to the cold, warming the food or beverage in the mouth instead of quickly swallowing it. Warming the palate with your tongue is another effective way to shorten the duration of a brain freeze.