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Three Daughters

A man asked how old a man’s three daughters were. The father replied with the following statement.
“The product of their ages is 36.”
“It’s hard to determine their ages from just that.” the man asking replied.
“The sum of their ages is same as the number of my house.”
“I still can’t figure out the answer!” the man replied again.
“My eldest daughter is blonde.” the father said, and the man, now smiling, replied.
“Oh, is that so? Then I can figure out how old your daughters are.”

How old is each daughter? And how did the man figure it out?
A computer cannot solve this problem, as it can only be solved using human logic.

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Rule Of Threes

This is how long you can survive for without certain things:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food
  • 3 months without hope

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The Number System

The number system represents the advancement of life and consciousness.

In a number, the curves represent love, the crossroads represent hardship and the horizontal lines represent binding.
Let’s take a look at each number.

“1” is a mineral. It has one vertical line and has no binds.
There are no curves and ergo no love.
Rocks are not bound to anything nor love anything.
There are no crossroads and ergo no hardship.
Minerals merely exist as the first step of matter.

“2” is a plant. Life begins here.
The bottom line shows that plants are bound to the ground.
Plants are rooted to the ground and cannot move.
The curve on the top represents the plant’s love for the sky and sunlight.
Plants love the sky and is restrained by the earth.

“3” is an animal. It is formed from two curves.
Animals love both the earth and the sky.
But it is not bound to either.
Animals only have pure feelings.
Animals live in fear and greed.
The two curves are two mouths.
If one is a mouth that bites, the other is one that kisses.

“4” is a human. Humans are beings on the crossroad between “3” and “4”.
They can advance to a higher step.

“5” is an enlightened person. This number is a mirror image of “2”.
The top line shows the limit by the sky, the bottom line shows the love for the earth.
He distances himself from other humans but love both people and the Earth.

“6” is an angel. It is a spiral, curve of love rising towards the sky.
An angel is a pure soul and mind.

“7” is a god cadet. “7” is another number with a crossroad.
It is the image of a “4” flipped around.
A god cadet is on the crossroad between an angel and what is next.

“8” is an infinite god. An endless, twisting curve of love.
But this curve spins on the spot and does not rise nor fall.

“9” is a curve. It is a “6”, an angel, turned around.
In other words, it is love coming down instead of going up.
From the sky down to the ground.
It is a curve that spins and spins and congeals mayonnaise.

(from God by Bernard Werber)